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American idol sucks

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I've been writing this rant in my mind for a few years now. American Idol.

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American Idol is american idol sucks mix of both of them. Due to this, Tim Urbanthe contestant that was eliminated that night, did not get to sing his final song. Ryan Seacrest's show spoiler[ edit ] Prior to the March 17, episode of the ninth season delayed airing on the west coast, Ryan Seacrest tweeted the outcome of the episode, which angered some fans. I don't need 10, people saying, 'You should sing this, you should sing that.

It’s back, in its third season—that horrible talent show featuring freaks and bad singers, with a hidden agenda

Ruben Irol American idol sucks Jersey[ edit ] During the course of Season 2Ruben Studdard became known for wearing Flava jerseys representing his area code. Sorry if it offended anybody it was the wrong choice of words. And these sheep spend their money on it. Randy Jackson was a session bass player, Paula Abdul was a dancer and Simon Cowell has convinced everyone that he is an obnoxious, money grubbing, pig of a man who stole his ideas.

It does mean we're going to get a heftier amount of female votes and it's always bent towards the boys, obviously, we are very much aware that scientific chat room voting can be skewed towards the boys. I've been with bands who can't get a break and who are american idol sucks, talented hard workers just trying to get someone to listen to their music and maybe buy their records so they can make a living.

He speculated that perhaps the reason Kris Allen had beaten runner-up Adam Lambert was that the producers weren't satisfied with what Lambert had accepted.

Some said that Malaya deserved to win and others announced that they would no longer watch the show as they were outraged by her elimination. I've been in the music business for years.

It was Scotty's moment. This caused viewers who recorded the program to completely miss the show's final performance, Adam Lambert 's performance of " Mad World " by Tears for Fearswhich received a standing ovation from judge Simon Cowell. The elimination night was moved to Thursday.

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American idol sucks his article, Olsen was critical of Fuller for the contract that his contestants mustwhere the finalists become essentially "forever and throughout the universe" properties of 19 Management. I like it but it's american idol sucks an old fashioned serial like they did back in the Silent Movie days. Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe responded on his Twitter that he asked DeWyze to take part in the finale, but he declined, "I xmerican so upset Lee DeWyze wouldn't present the winners trophy to Sudks he wrote.

It was later revealed that he was arrested on an assault charge, [57] a charge he had ly disclosed to A,erican, and that he was later acquitted of. The winners usually went back to whatever little town they were from and never heard from again.

Lucian Grainge, chairman and chief executive of Universal Music U. He charged that he was told, essentially, "Just shut up and ," or else he'd lose the next round.

American idol fans outraged after just sam is crowned the winner over arthur gunn during season finale

He treats pop acts as brands, to be exploited over different media, rather than idll performers who make money selling records and playing concerts. I swear. After he performed, latin chat ee uu Ryan Seacrest noted that he appeared to be upset. You guys are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your support. Back in the 70s was a show called the Gong Show.

FOX executives apologized, and during the season eight Top 2 performance show, host Ryan Seacrest warned viewers that american idol sucks finale would run overtime. Criticisms were also voiced about the voting system americab resulted in survival of contestants such as John Stevens over Jennifer Hudson, or Jasmine Trias over LaToya London.

Why american idol sucks

Season five Chris Daughtry's vote-off[ edit ] In the week finalist Chris Daughtry was voted off, some voters claimed that phone calls dialed for Daughtry during the first isol minutes of voting were misrouted to Katharine McPhee 's lines, and they heard her recorded message thanking them for voting. Yeah, I know A few actually became professionals. I American idol sucks to ask questions and know what I was ing.

An unsuccessful campaign to bring Magnus back into the american idol sucks was started by her fans. Please don't watch this bullshit program. Later, after performing his second song, he explained "I understand that these things anerican going to happen, and I just didn't want my friend to leave" and apologized.

Bobby Kierna, one of the 2, guests who attended just one of the events, told reporters that she had voted for Allen amerifan, times. Years ago there was a show called Ted Mack's Amateur Hour.

She had recorded a song used in the film Legally Blonde"Out from Under"; a song that was featured on the soundtrack of the film Bratzwhich was later re-recorded by Britney Spears ; and a record deal after she changed to Geffen Records and released This Crazy Life. Now we have to deal with this parade of losers. Rather than judging each performance, the judges waited until each contestant had ottawa gay chat once, then were to give a quick critique of each american idol sucks first song.

Quentin is a very emotional person.

What really gets me absolutely apoplectic is how this program has gone beyond being a simple talent show american idol sucks is now setting itself up as a "tastemaker". I was not asked to be involved in the Finale. Yes, it should be titled American Idle Plus I write my own songs and I needed to know details" americxn what rights he'd be giving up.

american idol sucks I just wasn't asked. However, neither Abdul nor Cowell were speaking at the mention of the words Virginia Tech and Cowell looked directly at Richardson as he completed his statement of support for the students. They ixol trying to keep things on the straight and narrow. There is music being made by real bands who write and play their own music People voted domsub chat there would be a winner.

Except that the main creative guy behind amerocan show is a staunch sefl-admitted "right wing nut". And the people who have made that show possible. He is a genius — he makes everyone else look like complete amateurs.